3 Legal Pages all Entrepreneurs needs on their websites

In other words… find out the pages your website needs in order to stay out of trouble!

Whether you have a website or are getting ready to launch one, all business owners need these three legal pages on their websites. Maybe you are just getting started with your new business. Maybe you are not even selling anything yet. You might be thinking, what does this have to do with me?

If you’re serious about starting or running your business, you need to seriously consider adding legal pages to your website if they are not already included. It’s time to realize that what you don’t know can sometimes hurt you. Don’t worry, we can get you fixed up in no time. You sure won’t regret it!

Legal Page Three: Privacy Policy 

This page covers what kind of information you will collect from visitors to your site. It also explains how you keep their information safe, and what you plan to do with the information you receive. A privacy policy page creates transparency and trust with your customers. It also shows that you’re not just professional, but you really care about them. Check out the LegalZing Privacy Policy page for an example. 

Don’t worry, if you’re missing this legal page. The internet police aren’t going to come after you for running a shady business. However, you could be kicked off of platforms like Facebook, and possibly ruin the trust you’ve worked so hard to build with your customers. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Europe makes it possible for your business to be fined for lack of privacy.  

One of the strictest privacy laws in the U.S. is the California Online Privacy Protection Act. It affects anyone collecting information from people residing in California. It’s important to comply with all privacy laws, including other privacy laws around the world. Since your website is accessible online, you have influence all over the world so you need to protect yourself by making sure you are in compliance.  

Writing your own privacy policy page or copying one from Google isn’t wise because you could leave out important information. The tedious task of creating a privacy page is probably not the way you want to spend your time. It is best to find an outside expert that can create a privacy page that covers all your bases. LegalZing has experts who are experienced and capable of taking this task off your plate. 

Legal Page Two: Terms and Conditions 

If you’re a small business owner, you may not have even thought about what to do if someone buys and then returns your product, especially if you’re only selling a few items. You need to have clear terms on your website even if you’re only selling one product or none at all.     

Your terms page should:

– List terms and conditions for your site, plus reminders that the content on your site is copyrighted, therefore, illegal to steal.

– Prevent activity such as rude comments or spamming. 

– Have a refund policy if you sell products or services. This comes in handy when you’re building a sales page or dealing with customers. 

– Provide your contact and company details.

– Reserve the right to ban certain visitors.

– Inform your customers what you’ll do if you need to take legal action and where that will happen. For example, you don’t want to deal with a legal problem in California if you’re in Texas. 

Along with the Privacy Page, LegalZing can whip up a great Terms and Conditions page that will keep your business on track and avoid any potential problems. Don’t hesitate to reach out to and schedule a free discovery call.

Legal Page Three: Contact Page 

You might be surprised to find out that many websites don’t have an easy or clear way to contact the business owner or team member. To avoid unhappy customers, it’s better to have a simple way of contacting you when customers want to book a service  or ask questions. It’s important to make your contact information as easily accessible as possible. This ensures that your customers will be able to get in touch with you and receive the answers they need.

Pro Tip: Legal content can be very difficult! You want to spend time doing the important things that you love. Let LegalZing make your life a little easier. We will help set up these pages. If you don’t have a website yet, LegalZing can create a beautifully organized one running in no time.

Check your website to make sure you have all three of these important legal pages. If you do, then make sure they all comply with international privacy laws.

Don’t keep your dreams waiting.

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