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LegalZing is NOT your average business consulting firm.

Who is LegalZing?

At the end of the day, we are entrepreneurs just like you. A collective of experts ready to assist you from start to finish in your business start-up needs. Our team of consultants have been where you are, and through our experiences, we can help you avoid the pitfalls and obstacles of business ownership, keeping it as simple as can be!

We are the difference. We are real people, who understand what it is like to not know what you don’t know! Our goal is to not merely form your business, but to help you grow, manage, and ultimately scale your business from start-up, to go-go-go.

Unlike the other business sources out there, you are our priority. Every client is a relationship that matters, and that is the reason why we exist! For you. We are REAL entrepreneurs who practice what they preach. From real estate, coffee shops, restaurants and marketing agencies, our team has literally been there and done that.

LegalZing was Texas born and bred, so our southern roots shine through and through. We pride ourselves in our hospitality and customer service, so even if you decide not to work with us, swing on by––we’ll still have a Shiner waiting for you.

Client Focused


Cost Effective

Our Values

LegalZing’s core values are more than just words; they are how we live and build our team and company.


Communication and transparency is how we bring about authenticity with our clients. It’s the core of how we run things in-house and the best representation of who we are.


Our primary approach is honesty and uprightness. We take on every endeavor with the utmost integrity and strive to serve our clients with excellence in all we do.


We take on every project like our lives depended on it… well not really, but you get the picture. Our desire to see you succeed is why we’re 100 percent in 100 percent of the time. 


Our spirit and drive is one of the biggest reasons why we love to serve you! We are a team of individuals that love what we do, which is why it’s easy to bring clients our A-game with every project.


Change is always happening behind the scenes to deliver the best service to you and your business. We are a dynamic team of individuals that don’t get stuck with complacency. 

The simple way to start, grow or manage your business.

We are over the wasted time, high costs, and ridiculously wordy documents. It’s time for small business owners and entrepreneurs, just like you, to have a resource that is simple, cost-effective, and respectful of your time. Become a LegalZing Member and get affordable access to one of our partnering attorneys or connect with us for any of our start, grow or manage services.

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