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Business cards, marketing material and stationary are just a few of the things that establish your brand. Let LegalZing create a bold and consistent look. What’s a better way to articulate your story than designing a professional and consistent look through brand collateral?

Brand collateral establishes credibility with your nonprofit or small business brand. It’s tangible evidence of your business that exhibits your personality, your mission and the core of your brand. Brand collateral promotes, sells and provides trustworthiness, which plays an essential role in growing and maintaining your business.

Brand collateral possibilities are endless. LegalZing can help you hash out your ideas and bring your brand to life. Sit with us for a brainstorming session, and let’s begin producing brand collateral that best fits your needs and articulates your brand well.

If you’re on the fence about venturing on to a company to handle your creative brand management, just reach out to us online for a free consultation. We’d love to chat about what LegalZing could do for you.

What is Brand Collateral? 

A collection of materials such as, business cards or brochures, intended to showcase a brand and market its products or services to consumers. Brand Collateral serves as tangible evidence of the brand with a design that correlates with its personality, core values and objectives.


Build a website that's mobile friendly.

Websites allow a unique space to display your brand on the world wide web. Having an online presence in 2021 is like hanging the “open” sign on your door each day. It’s essential.  Nearly half of your visitors will judge the credibility of your business based on your website. Need I say more?


Use well-written copy that generates engagement and converts.

The gift of gab might be an art that many possess, but the gift of effective gab is an art not easily mastered. Copy is such a simple way to give your brand an incredible facelift, generate more engagement and even convert visitors into customers. Fresh copy on your website, brochures or blogs speak volumes into your brand. Careful not to overlook this powerful brand management tactic.


Put a digital marketing plan into play.

Digital marketing is nothing new, but the strategies change rapidly. Digital marketing isn’t just for growing a business, sometimes it’s a simple as creating brand awareness and establishing good relationships with your audience. Whatever your end game is in the realm of Digital Marketing, LegalZing has you covered.


Don’t abandon the brand.

All-in-all brand management is about representing the core of your mission and articulating your brand well. Establishing your brand can take time, but once it’s finally complete, it requires results-driven strategies and a creative flair. That’s where LegalZing comes in. Lucky for you, you’ve happened upon an awesome team of creatives that are ready to start working on your next project.







Identify your Brand’s Mission in Everything

Impressive brands have a mission statement that is consistent and can be identified in every technique they use to connect with audiences. If you don’t already have one, take serious thought toward developing a cohesive mission statement and use it to unify each aspect of your company.

After you have a brand mission, constantly ask the question how is the mission communicated? On your social media platforms, on the company website and blog, through your local partnerships and community events – how is the mission communicated? Whenever a value is being emphasized that contradicts or doesn’t quite line up with your mission statement, make changes that realign with your vision. 

The best brands undoubtedly have a shared characteristic. There is no mixed messaging. They are able to translate the same message across various platforms.

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