Color Matters: Color Roles in Marketing

In other words… choose color schemes that communicate the appropriate message for your brand!

Have you ever felt blue? Or maybe green with envy? Or have been so optimistic your friends describe you as “sunshine”? These phrases may be equated to the study of color psychology. Color Psychology is the study of how different colors affect human behaviors. Why does this matter to us as entrepreneurs?

Why Color Matters

85-90 percent of buyers claim that color plays an important role in their purchases. Why? Because color speaks largely to a brand’s personality and identity. For example, while remodeling your home, you may want to make a single stop for quality home improvement items, where do you go? Maybe Lowe’s topped the list. Its bold blue logo communicates trust, dependability and strength.

The truth is, you won’t finish this article and change your brands colors to the best colors for marketing––those don’t exist. The hope is that after you read this blog you’ll understand the impact and importance of color usage and be inspired to do more research on your own. Be thoughtful about what your brand communicates and who is your audience. Once you know your target audience and desired message, choosing a few colors to communicate that message well should be a piece of cake.

If we know what certain colors communicate, then we’ll be able to use them wisely in our branding and marketing. Let’s dive into some other colors and see what they’re trying to communicate.


The color red creates a sense of power and urgency. Like a stop sign or a clearance sale sign––this color serves as a powerful and attention-grabbing tool. Red communicates energy and can physically stimulate the body by heightening your heart rate and blood pressure. It also encourages appetite––which is why it is often used by many fast food companies. Red is associated with movement, excitement and gets people to act. Need an eye-catching call-to-action button on your website? Maybe red is the way to go.


While red conveys aggression, blue delivers quite the opposite approach. Blue conveys peace, reliability and tranquility. Blue stimulates productivity, and brands commonly use this color to promote trust. It is often viewed as a positive color that may invoke security and responsibility. Have you ever thought about why billions of people trust Facebook with valuable information? Or why many credit card companies are blue [Chase, American Express, Visa, etc.]? If you’re looking for your product or service to promote trust and peace, blue is the color for you.


Green is often associated with money, health, and nature. Lighter shades of green can even be viewed as calming and can stimulate harmony. It is often used by brands to promote relaxation and oftentimes promote environmental issues.


This color has been traditionally associated with wisdom, royalty and prosperity. Studies show that purple can stimulate problem-solving and creativity in the brain. It is commonly used in brands that promote beauty and anti-aging products.


Yellow is the spokes-color of happiness! It’s viewed as a very optimistic color that often grabs attention and invokes excitement. Many studies have shown that yellow actually releases a chemical in your brain called serotonin––the chemical that positively stimulates your brain. 


These colors are similar in that when used too frequently, it can become depressing or mundane. But black and gray do have a place in your branding. Black can communicate confidence, boldness and authority while gray conveys practicality and solidarity. When used appropriately black and gray both deliver strong messages.


While white can look plain and boring, it communicates cleanliness and minimalist values. White can also be associated with purity, security and even neutrality. White space can also help encourage creativity.

ProTip: Do a little A/B testing and try different color options to see what colors suit your brand’s needs the best.

You want your business to be as successful as possible. Understanding the significance of something as small [yet as impactful] as color is a important to keep in mind. Legalzing will help you with the small, specific components of starting and managing your business including determining the best color scheme for your brand. Schedule a free discovery call today. We’re here to help! 

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