Website Management

We live in the digital age, which is why it’s important for your brand to have a smoothly operating website that accomplishes exactly what you need and communicates well to your audience. If you have a business, it’s important to have a good online presence. In fact, nearly half of your visitors will judge the credibility of a business based on its website, and in a quickly evolving digital age, that number is bound to grow.


Websites allow a unique space to display your brand on the world wide web. Having an online presence is like hanging the “open” sign on your door each day, it’s essential.

Our LegalZing team is passionate about creating beautifully designed websites that meet your business needs. You run the business, we articulate your story––through your website. We have a team of creative, type-A professionals that can organize your content to create a seamless user-experience for your audience. Whether your current website design needs a fresh look, SEO-friendly content or you’re in need of a website design that looks flawless on a mobile device, we can meet all of your website needs.

LegalZing specializes in organized and beautiful website designs that keep users coming back and we wrap it around creative SEO friendly copy that search engines will love.

Successful websites are:


Mobile Compatible

Because this is 2019, a majority of your website visitors are finding you on a mobile phone or tablet. A custom web designer will be able to devote the special attention that is necessary for developing a responsive, mobile-friendly design that continues to meet your particular business needs. If your website is not compatible on a mobile phone, then you are seriously missing the point of having online reach.



No one likes working with robots when technical issues pop up. Having the ability to contact someone who can help you if things go wrong on your website is an added bonus. Custom web design means custom support for web design issues. Check out this infographic that compares more pros and cons for custom and template web design.


Customization & Personalization

Not all businesses are created equal. Not all websites are created to meet the needs of  a particular business. A custom web designer will be able to produce content that is directly in-line with the mission, vision and branding of your business. In the planning process, you will be able to research other websites and integrate the concepts you see on different sites. A custom web design will allow you to tweak your website and make adjustments that adhere to your brand’s style guide which will help you continue to show consistency in every facet of your business. 


Growth-Friendly & Growth-Driven

Template-based designs are made to function within the parameters of the original template. When your business needs to outgrow the capability of the template you may find yourself in a position that requires the services of a custom web designer afterall. 

SEO is the driving force behind online success. An online website has the ability to positively impact your business. Done correctly, websites have huge potential to generate business sales and leads. 

It is easier for search engines to pick up on custom websites, because a custom website allows you to include distinguishable terms in your URL.  When an internet user searches a term that is equivalent to the products and services your business provides, it is more likely that the search engine will suggest your website, especially if your URL includes the searched term.

Research from HubSpot indicates that up to 85% of people will not continue browsing web pages that aren’t secure. Some template-based designers won’t allow you to obtain an SSL certificate which provides security for your consumers when they visit your site.

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